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Clients and TestimonialsTestimonials

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“Synapse consultants are very enthusiastic and dedicated trainers and facilitators. They have the rare quality of balancing the needs of the individuals with the goals of the organization.”

Scott Foisy, Managing Director
Drake Beam Morin, Inc.
Charlotte, North Carolina

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“Debbie Seeger was able to draw elected officials, business leaders and concerned community leaders into consensus. The more diversity a group contained the more productive the group became.”

Bobby Broadway
Valero Refining Company
Corpus Christi, Texas

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"Suzanne Puryear is accomplished in program design, redesign and implementation. She works collaboratively to insure the inclusion of staff, consumers and other stakeholders affected by the change process. Consequently, everyone feels valued and respected, even though the process might be difficult for them."

Kathy Ralston
Director, Department of Social Services
Albemarle County, Virginia

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“Nancy Cole models the transition and change process powerfully when she works with a group. She is flexible, adaptable and able to read her audience and their changing needs. She responds accordingly and creates a successful outcome.”

Dr. Diana I. Marinez
Dean College of Science and Technology
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi, Texas

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“Debbie Seeger provides excellent hands-on help to deal with significant organizational change. She helped us build consensus among Port Commissioners and the staff on major policy initiatives and projects.”

John LaRue, Executive Director
Port of Corpus Christi

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"Suzanne’s experience in the public and private sector provides her with a unique and valuable perspective to apply to problem-solving and process improvement. She effectively builds partnerships to achieve supportable goals and successful outcomes. She demonstrates strong teambuilding and facilitation skills, which produce results that are collaborative and coordinated."

Mary Louis Campbell
Executive Director, The Planning Council
Norfolk, Virginia

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“Pacific Southwest Bank's Gulf Coast Region recently completed an assessment and review of its internal structure to create a new, more efficient and profitable organization. Nancy Ackermann Cole's input, insight, and third party analysis in this process was of great value to our outcome. We were very pleased with our relationship and would not hesitate to use her services again or to recommend Synapse to other organizations.”

Bill Dodge, President and CEO
Pacific Southwest Bank
Corpus Christi, Texas

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“Working with Debbie Seeger has been a great opportunity to promote better communication between the officers and personnel in our company, which has allowed us to work as a team toward common goals. Company meetings have become more productive; members who have never spoken up previously now eagerly contribute to developing a common vision.”

Andy Crocker
Crocker Transfer & Storage Company

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"Suzanne Puryear has a great deal of knowledge in the area of service delivery in the areas of mental health, foster care and juvenile justice. She also has a good understanding of federal and state level programs. She is diagnostic and strategic in her thinking. She could aid in the analysis of your needs in the areas of staffing, budgeting, space, programs, and strategic direction."

Sarah Bishop
Director, Success by Six
United Way of South Hampton Roads, Virginia

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“Nancy Cole has the wonderful quality of listening to people, then diagnosing and guiding an organization through strategic planning and change.”

Sister Mary Joseph Ritter, Executive Director
Our Lady of Mercy Outreach
Charleston, South Carolina

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“Debbie's calling is to help others achieve their calling. She has an almost uncanny ability to translate the jargon of organizational development into the faith language of the community with which she is working. I have worked with her with four different groups and have been amazed at her ability to listen, clarify, and then facilitate a process to help the group achieve its goals.”

The Rev. J. Douglas Storment
St. Francis Episcopal Church

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“Nancy has developed and conducted management training for our senior management team and has helped us to understand the dynamics of our work environment. Her sessions have given us insight so that we may work together better as a team. Everyone learned a great deal and had fun doing it. Nancy's personality can draw out anyone, so there is full participation in her sessions. She has been an asset to helping our organization move forward in a more participative style.”

Linda Watson, General Manager
Regional Transportation Authority
Corpus Christi, Texas

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“Nancy Ackermann Cole managed an extremely difficult, three organization task force through a year-long strategic planning process demonstrating excellent people skills, strong facilitation skills and... offered valuable executive coaching.”

Deborah Mitchum, Executive Director
South Carolina Disabilities and Special Needs
Dorchester County, South Carolina

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“Synapse consultant Nancy Ackermann Cole has the uncanny ability to cut through appearances and get to the essence of organizational need. We were fortunate to be able to work with her.”

Keith E. Arnold, CEO Greater Corpus Christi Business Alliance
Corpus Christi, Texas

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“Nancy Ackermann Cole has been instrumental in recreating the culture of our hospital from a hierarchical organization to one in which all employees can learn and grow. her positive energy has touched every level of the organization.”

Steve Woerner, CEO
Columbia Doctors Regional Medical Center
Corpus Christi, Texas

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“Nancy leads with clear business acumen. She refuses to allow narrow thinking, challenging for clarity of mission and goals while providing insight on how to balance fiscal and human resource needs”

Anne Wilson, Owner
The Wilson Group
Corpus Christi, Texas


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